Monday, 1 August 2011

Ghana Diary (first day)

Landed in Ghana on time after a delightful flight from which I could see the Sahara (possibly the most comfortable way of seeing it).

The first that hit me once landed was the warmth and the humidity mixed with lots of new smells. Coming from London air is simply cold, wet, and mostly odourless.

Once at the airport local authorities (i.e. a short overweight old woman) asked me to pay more than a thousand euros in import duties for my cameras. After forty minutes of negotiation I am outside the airport and she got a portion of the money.

On the first day in the county, I left to visit the west,  have a walk in the jungle and visit the Elmina castle.

After a short walk uphill in the rain forest, we started climbing a three and finally emerged out of the jungle walking on a network of suspended bridges.

Second stop at the Elmina castle built by the Portuguese to trade in slaves in the early fifteen hundreds. It is made of small passage ways and dungeons. The overall architecture resembles the white constructions in south of Portugal.

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