Sunday, 10 April 2011

Will Morgan - Riflessioni sul ritratto

I came across this portrait and fashion photographer while roaming in East London. Impressing portraiture and location shoots + fashion in a stylish and simple way!

Portrait: image showing a human feeling, condition, expression, interaction. Most commonly associated with the representation of the face/hands as the most revealing part of a human body. The face and the hands are used by humans to discover the world and interact with it though the uses of the five senses. It seems natural by photographers to want to represent humans feelings showing those areas of the human body that discover/perceive such feelings. 

Special note: I find "The Water Closet" project particularly interesting as it is a simple yet efficient way of showing interaction between the audience and photography, especially in locations/situations when even the most accustomed-to-images-person would find it challenging to see a portrait!

As close as I got to a portrait today:

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