Monday, 30 November 2009

WTO - World Terrorist Organisation

I guess as a photojournalist you want one of your pictures to end up on a paper... well sometimes it is a picture of you ending up on a newspaper!

see if you can find me!

And this is how it looked from the inside of the event...

Leica M8 mounting 28mm f/2.0 shooting at WHO KNOWS it was foggy and I couldn't see shit!

Lessons learned:
1) when you are in the middle of an anti-WTO manifestation and you see a lots of people rushing towards you trying to get away from something - follow them, don't just keep on walking!
2) tear gas blinds you for a good 5 minutes, burns your skin and guess what! it makes you cry for about 30 mins! - bring a gas mask
3) get a PRESS pass and show it at all times. If police starts shooting rubber bullets you are less likely to be their first target (however, I seriously wonder what police really sees in the middle of such a foggy battle - and how much they really care)
4) don't bring a Leica M8 they tend to stop working when you less expect! a point and shoot will do the job and make you worry less about the consequences of your camera being hit by a pissed off protestant


to be continued... 

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